Najma Hassan, Successful Meetings and Minutes

Najma Hassan recently graduated from university as a pharmaceutical chemist. However, to make the most of her time during the pandemic lockdown and ensure she was well equipped for the workplace, she decided to embark on Pitman Training’s Successful Meetings and Minutes course.

“I decided it’d be silly not to take advantage of all the free time I had during lockdown, hence why I took the Successful Meetings and Minutes course. This course looks excellent on my CV for job interviews and shows employers that I’m proactive and eager to learn.

“I chose Pitman as my training provider because I saw tonnes of positive reviews and all of their accreditations. It’s clear that many institutions recognise Pitman as a great training provider, so I thought it would be a safe bet to invest my money in a course with them. 

“I found the whole learning experience with Pitman really enjoyable. There was a lot of content to cover, but it was easy to follow. I had plenty of time to finish everything and take the final exam. I would recommend Pitman to anyone looking to take an adult education course.”