Owusu Kwakye
Owusu Kwakye

Owusu Kwakye Adonteng, a professional with a background in BSc Biomedical Studies and customer support, sought to change his career and upskill. He discovered Pitman Training during a Google search and was impressed by its reputation and convenience. Owusu then decided to choose the Pitman Training Events Management course due to his active involvement in volunteering for various events.

Reflecting on his time with Pitman, Owusu found the experience enjoyable and rewarding. Throughout his learning journey at Pitman’s Manchester Training Centre, Owusu also appreciated the flexibility of day, evening, and weekend sessions.

Another highlight of studying with Pitman for Owusu was the encouragement and guidance he received from his learning coach. In fact, he said, “The support and encouragement I had from my learning coach,” was the most enjoyable aspects of his study.

Undoubtedly, the training at Pitman significantly impacted Owusu’s career, life, and overall confidence. He noted, “Yes, I learned more in my chosen field than I knew before,” highlighting the growth in his knowledge and skills.

For anyone considering training and learning, Owusu’s advice is simple: “Just go for it, you come out better off.” The experience at Pitman Training exceeded his expectations, leaving him grateful for the unwavering support and guidance he received throughout his learning journey.

Owusu extends his heartfelt thanks to Pitman Training for helping him achieve his goals and shaping a promising future. He highly recommends Pitman to anyone seeking quality education and a supportive learning environment.