Petra Vesela – Studies with Pitman Training Hammersmith to improve her career progression
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Petra Vesela – Studies with Pitman Training Hammersmith to improve her career progression

“I started to study with Pitman Training in May 2012 to improve my chances for a career progression. The centre in Hammersmith is very well located, easily accessible and has very convenient opening hours with a further flexibility if necessary. All applicants are advised on courses by the Principle Kathy Connolly. Everyone can take a trial session without making any commitments to see how the system works. I found the trial extremely important and reassuring that I am choosing the right course. Study itself can be done in a cosy classroom with a great hospitality and professional help available. If you are in a full time employment, your study can wrap around your working hours. It is great and Kathy supports students even out of the hours which is very generous and makes such a difference.

The course books and audio are very well done and upgraded regularly. A selection of the modules included in each course/diploma is done very carefully and there is a flexibility to pick up two selective subjects during the course. The time frame per each course is manageable and having a chance to complete the course earlier is a great benefit.

I completed my Office Manager Diploma in January 2013 and truly enjoyed the course. It is great when you can use all the skills straight away in your work environment. On the other hand the books are done well enough to guide you through revision if some of the new skills remained unused.

There is always MS Office assessment you have to take to be registered with a recruitment agency. My score has dramatically improved and my qualification makes noticeable difference so as to be considered as an applicant. The job market is tough and doing a Pitman training has sorted two things at once. It has given me a confidence based on knowledge and my value in the job market is much higher due to well recognised qualification. I am now a personal assistant at Sky News.

I can highly recommend the Pitman centre in Hammersmith. If you are not sure, it is definitely worth it to visit the office and have a chat with Kathy. She will be the right person to help!”

Petra Vesela