“Moving to the UK from another country is hard enough, but it gets even harder when you realise that all your previously gained qualifications/certificates are not recognised here.

“British employers want British qualifications. But now you have to work to survive and when will you be able to study at a college, if all you can manage is to attend an evening class? A question I asked myself all too often and I am sure a lot of people did the same.

“I am glad I found Pitman Training, because it allowed me to study from home while I worked to support myself. I loved how the lessons were structured. Studying from just a book could get boring for me, but having an audio tutor guiding me through every step of the course made a big difference and kept me interested in my studies. Studying at the centre was easy as well, they were pretty flexible and the atmosphere was nice and quiet.

“While still studying for my Medical Admin Diploma I applied for a job with the NHS. I was nervous, but I had already passed most of my learning modules at that point, so I risked the step. I got the job. I couldn’t believe it at first. But now I can proudly say that Pitman Training allowed me to boost my confidence and now I work at an internationally renowned teaching hospital and research centre in Cambridge.

“I would like to thank Pitman Training Peterborough for all their support and kind words, because without them I would not be where I am now.

“And, if you’re reading this and are uncertain about if you should study or how you will be able to afford it, just pop into the Centre and I can guarantee you every question will be answered.”