There is no denying that corporate training can turn a good company into a great one. Not only does training staff allow a business to address weaknesses and strengthen existing talents, but it also helps employees improve skills, develop greater competency and increase confidence in their abilities. All of this enhances performance and productivity.

Birch Print is the perfect example of a company benefitting from corporate training. Since 1983, the printing business has established itself as a leading print management company. Like all successful businesses, they provide an excellent service. However, Birch also pins its success on having a significant emphasis on nurturing employees, allowing them to develop their skillsets and reach peak performance through corporate training. Nathan Dudley is their latest employee to benefit from their commitment to professional development, enrolling on Pitman Training’s Graphics Design Diploma and Web Design Specialist Diploma.

“We’ve known all about Pitman Training for years, not only because they’ve used our printing services for a while now but because they are world-class training providers. We decided it would be a great idea to start working with them to upskill some of our staff through their various training programmes. We have an ethos of learning and development at Birch and only want the very best for our team, which is why we decided to use Pitman when it came to corporate training,” said Andrea Priestley, Sales and Marketing Director at Birch Print. 

“At Birch, we understand that we wouldn’t be anything without our team. We have a small, friendly group working here with years of collective experience. To ensure we stay ahead of our competition, everyone gets the chance to develop themselves through training. A well-supported employee gives back to your company in multiples, creating an efficient business full of confident, top-performing people. 

“We let Nathan choose the course that he believed would be most helpful in his role. Nathan selected the Graphics Design Diploma and the Web Design Specialist Diploma because he felt they would develop his understanding of graphic design and expand Birch’s offerings in the studio. Helping staff take training courses also allows them to feel like an important part of the business because of the added value they bring.”

At Pitman Training, we offer professional training so you can reach new business heights. We provide a range of corporate training solutions and take the time to understand your objectives so that we can work with you to find the best programme for your workforce.

“Despite already having a good knowledge of graphic design and web design, training with Pitman equipped me with some great additional skills,” explained Nathan. “It has massively helped me in my day-to-day work including managing Birch’s website.

“Because of Pitman’s flexible training courses and online learning provision, I managed to fit in all my training around my full-time job at Birch. Whether I studied for a few hours during the day or I wanted to commit to an evening after work, I could. It was a massive benefit to taking the course. 

“The training was straightforward and well structured. I also had a learning coach to guide me through the course and help me if I encountered any problems. I loved having this support whilst studying with Pitman. Nothing was too much to ask, and the team were available whenever I needed them. I would definitely recommend Pitman’s courses to anyone looking to take a design course.”

A diploma with Pitman will allow your employees to gain a well-rounded skillset to help progress the scope of their roles and capabilities in your business. By incorporating multiple courses into one bespoke training programme, you’ll be investing in an enhanced workforce, ready to meet both today and tomorrow’s business challenges.

“Taking the Graphics Design Diploma and the Web Design Specialist Diploma has added to Nathan’s talents, and now we can offer his new skills out in the form of additional services, which ultimately leads to more revenue for Birch,” added Andrea. 

At Pitman Training, we offer over 250 courses and seminars. Our programmes cover a wide variety of training needs. This includes administrative supportmanagement developmentIT, and personal development options. If you are interested in developing your employees in a supportive and flexible learning environment, get in contact with your local training centre: www.pitman-training.com/