Reading student Katie Mathews is well on the way to being a top PA!
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After studying her ‘Professional Executive PA with Level 2 AAT Qualification’ with Pitman Training, Katie was snapped up due to her extensive skillset and engaging personality. Following on from advice from the Training Centre Manager, Katie even managed to increase her salary offer and name her own job title! 

Katie found that throughout her studies with us, she’s gained demonstrable business skills and interviewers were really impressed with her independently gained skills, which were applicable to any workplace. 

She even found studying finance helped, as it gave her a new understanding of how a business works, and the qualification makes her look and feel very professional. When job hunting, Katie found that her large array of skills gave her an important edge over other people. The traditional secretarial skills, such as audio transcription and speedwriting were useful, and according to Katie, touch-typing is ‘the best skill ever’ as it speeds up everything she does!

Katie started her training last year and found it was even better than she expected. For example, learning Access was useful as she was not taught it in school, and ‘the well-designed training is helpful and not confusing in any way’. Getting to choose her own modules, such as Legal, meant she could personalise her experience here and learn something brand new.

Studying at our training centre was good preparation for an office environment, and it allowed her to relax properly once she got home after a good day of study. Our Distance Learning availability meant Katie could continue her studies at home as well, so she got so much more done, whilst still being fully supported by the Centre supervisors. 

Katie said, ‘I really enjoyed the course, and was grateful for all the help and support I received’. We’re really proud of what Katie has achieved, and we know she will be a fantastic asset at her new workplace!