Salem drastically improves his typing speed with Pitman Training!
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Salem drastically improves his typing speed with Pitman Training!

1. How did you learn about Pitman Training Kenya?

This year, I was keen on improving my typing speed. I had asked around but I searched on the internet for a training institution that would have taught me this skill. Luckily, I stumbled on Pitman Training Kenya, browsed through their website, liked their course and enrolled.

2. What features did you like about online training?

The Pitman Campus is an ingenious tool. It has accommodated me because I can still study and practice the course at my convenience. I liked the methodical, scientific simulation of how my typing experience has been: the measurement of my progress, the tracking of my strengths and areas of growth and the inbuilt fun in the whole process.

3. Did the quality of education at Pitman Training Kenya meet your expectation? And how?

The quality of my Typaz Professional course was exemplary. I found the course materials to be detailed, methodical and easy to understand. I also found that the learning is practical involving a lot of exercises. I could measure my progress at every level. I also found the course tutors to be hospitable and keen to find out whether I had any difficulties.

4. What module in your (Course) did you enjoy and why?

I took Typaz Professional course and I liked the way the course was structured right from the home keys to the numericals. By the time I was done with the course, I was able to consolidate all that I had been practicing over a period of time.

5. How did you find the quality of the learning materials?

The learning materials were extremely helpful and I commend those who prepared it for using plain English, a lot of diagrams and illustrations, and for being concerned on my needs as a learner.

6. Do you feel more confident in your (Course) skills?

Yes, I do. My typing speed has drastically improved, I now type professionally unlike previously when one of my fingers was overburdened. This is a skill that I will have with me forever.

7. How was the Customer Service?

The first time I called Pitman Training Kenya, my call was responded to and questions patiently answered. I was then invited to the centre where I received helpful brochures. During the course, I regularly received emails and calls to find out how I was proceeding with the course.

8. What made you choose Pitman Training Kenya over other learning institutions?

Pitman Training Kenya is an established brand with tested teaching methods and results to show for it. It has also leveraged so much on technology and brings on board high standards spread across numerous jurisdictions across the world.

9. If you were to recommend Pitman Training Kenya to a friend, what would you say?

When I enrolled at Pitman Training Kenya in January this year, I remember telling Zainul at the centre that if I am able to type without looking at the keyboard, I will be very happy. Three months later, I can chat and type away, something which I couldn’t do previously. With Pitman, they are not gambling.