Sharon Beard's Journey of Success at Pitman Training
Sharon Beard's Journey of Success at Pitman Training
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Sharon Beard’s Journey of Success with Pitman Training

Sharon Beard found her path to success through Pitman Training. Sharon chose to pursue the Professional Development Diploma to enhance her career prospects. Leaving school at 16 and progressing from an Admin Assistant to Branch Manager over 35 years, Sharon decided it was time to get her formal qualifications.

Sharon opted for a flexible learning experience, “It was completely accommodating to my schedule, which I quite liked. I could study when I had a couple of hours to put aside to do a module or part module.” This allowed her to manage her studies around her busy life, showcasing the adaptability of Pitman Training’s programmes.

Throughout her learning journey, Sharon found joy in completing modules and receiving certificates. This sense of accomplishment fuelled her motivation and speaks to the effectiveness of Pitman’s approach in keeping learners engaged.

When asked about the support from the Pitman team, Sharon shared, “The team were really helpful,” emphasising the importance of a supportive learning environment; which Pitman Training strives to provide to all its students.

Sharon’s advice to others echoes her own success: “Set yourself goals and modules to achieve by dates.” Her disciplined approach and goal-setting strategy allowed her to stay on track and progress efficiently through the course. Her success story shows the transformative power of a good education and determination. Through Pitman Training, she not only gained a valuable diploma but also the confidence to pursue her educational aspirations.

Congratulations to Sharon for her achievements, marking a remarkable journey of growth and accomplishment!