Veronicah Ngugi Transforms Her Typing Career with Pitman Training
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Veronicah Ngugi Transforms Her Typing Career with Pitman Training

Veronicah Wanjiku Ngugi, a recent college graduate, visited Pitman Training Kenya with her sister for a course consultation. The course’s adaptability and support won them over. She chose to join in the Typaz professional course in order to increase her typing speed and accuracy, as well as to get ready for a job and broaden her skill set.

Veronicah would frequently visit our center with her sister to practice typing, and she would also spend an additional 30 minutes doing so at home. She loved to type and was committed to doing it quickly and without pausing to glance at the keyboard.

She appreciated spending time in the center since it was peaceful and distraction-free to study. She appreciated how our senior learning coach monitored her typing development, encouraged her to practice every day, and was always flexible when she needed help.

In less than three months, Veronicah increased her typing speed to more than 50 words per minute while using all of her fingers and without pausing to look at the keyboard. She is impressed by what she has achieved, and as a result, she can now deliver and type more effectively.

She now types more confidently thanks to Pitman Training. She stated, “The course was well-structured and easy to follow, and Nasira the instructor was very helpful and encouraging. I learned the basics of touch typing quickly and easily, and I am now able to type much faster and more accurately than I was before.”

Pitman Training’s celebration of Veronicah’s graduation among the other alumni astounded her. She was overjoyed about the occasion and felt quite proud of her achievements.

She highly recommends this course to anyone who wants to improve their typing skills.