“Course adviser Ela was fantastic in helping me realise my career progression pathway. I decided to study Administration and Medical Administration.

Being a Mum of a 4-year-old son and working full-time, time is very precious to me, so I needed a course that would be flexible and that would allow me to study around my family and work commitments. I also needed to be able to take my exams on Saturdays and Sundays. Pitman Peterborough allowed me that flexibility.

Staff at Pitman Peterborough are amazing. They are like a family that watches out for you and they want the best for you. They are a fountain of information, very experienced and have great trainers. I am very thankful for the support, encouragement that the staff in Pitman Peterborough have been giving me. They grew my confidence and my skills to the point that even before finishing my studies, I applied for a job outside of Amazon, and I got it. I have been given free of charge course extension, so that I could still complete my studies.

I got a job in customer service in Ikea and after the probation period, having proven my skills, I was encouraged by my Team Leader to apply for a role in the Distribution Customer Relations Department. I got that job and I am now a valued staff member in that Department.

I think it is very important to feed your brain and keep on developing your skills, as everything around us is changing constantly, especially technology and the programs we need to use at work.

I can honestly say that it is thanks to my studies at Pitman Peterborough that I have set myself on a new career path. It is a life changing experience for me. Coming to the UK from abroad, I never thought that I would be able to establish a career, even better, than I would be able back in my country.

One more time, big thanks to the staff at Pitman Peterborough. You will never realise the difference that you have made to my life.”