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International Training Conference 

When: Friday 16th March 2018
Where: Grange Hotel, St Pauls, London
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Pitman Training City EC2 and Oxford Circus invite you to book now for our inaugural PA, Secretarial and Administrator’s conference!

This conference has been structured to help you focus on the challenges of your role and how to rise above them. Each session on the day will be led by experts in their field so you can explore new ideas, interact with peers and learn new techniques.


8.30Meeting, greeting and refreshments
9.15-9.40 Networking isn’t just for Extroverts with Rosy Holt
9.45-11.15Ultimate Personal Impact: What’s Your Brand with Katherine Lewis
11.30-1.00Ultimate Business Impact: Influencing and Assertiveness with Nicky Gregory
Lunch – Eat and Chat! 
1.45-3.15Knowledge is Power – Capture it with Speed Writing with Margaret Liddell
3.30-4.30Putting Your Aspirations into Action with Susie Ashfield
4.30-5.00Your Action Plan and the Future


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Return to work refreshed with a new mindset, a strong network of peers and an action plan designed to focus on your purpose and to put you in control, to set yourself new boundaries for success with much less stress and more fun. While there are great techniques to be learned, this event is about thinking differently and thinking better to make an impact on the changing landscape of your work and life.

HURRY! To book please call  020 7256 6668 or click here to book your place >>

Speaker and Topics

  • Rosy Holt: Entrepreneur, business owner, mentor and public speaker – Rosy Holt’s career was forged in the heat and heart of the travel and tourism industry.  Twenty Italian-based years spent ensuring five-star accommodation and service, sourcing and identifying properties and negotiating contracts. Blending saintly diplomacy with instinctive understanding of what makes different people tick, she established a reputation for being charming to deal with, but immovable when it comes to standards she expects to be met.

The session: Like the idea of networking but don’t always relish that first step? This capsule session is designed to give you the essentials techniques to make the first move both in informal and formal networking events. Great ideas to use today to share news and views on how you can support each other and establish a network.

  • Katherine Lewis: Katherine combines a strong academic background with a very enthusiastic and engaging manner. With a postgraduate degree in behavioural science and performance theory from Oxford, and then drama school, she is able to share unique insights into human behaviour and personal impact.

The session: A fast-paced 90 minutes to identify what makes you stand out from the crowd and learn how to ignite the ultimate personal impact. Strengthen your personal brand and evaluate your presentation style. Understand the power of Emotional Insight and the significance of non-verbal communication in shaping an engaging message. Remain in control during high pressure situations and maintain a dynamic environment around you.

  • Nicky Gregory: Nicky is a charismatic trainer and coach. Inspiring, motivating and empowering others to take control, step into their own power and have fun whilst doing it is Nicky’s tenet.

The session: How you behave has a direct impact on others and influences the outcomes of situations dramatically. This 90-minute Masterclass looks at three linked behavioural styles and how important it is to recognise each in yourself and others. Learn how to use the most positive assertive behaviour and how to adjust your communication style to that of others in order to get the job done. Interactive session with lots of practice so that you leave confident to negotiate your way around the trickiest of situations.

  • Margaret Liddell: She is also our most travelled trainer.  Most notable trips:  Commissioned by the Brunei Royal family as a trainer/presenter of Speed Writing for the Annual Executive Secretaries & Admin Professionals Conference, in Brunei.  A visit to The National Assembly of Cameroon to deliver a shorthand Teacher Training course followed by Pitman Shorthand Speed examinations for their staff – they need to write shorthand at 185wpm!  

The session: In 90 minutes you will be able to speed write. Capture the essence of business meetings, notes, conversation, action points quickly and accurately. Be totally informed all the time with modern method speedwriting. Leave the misery of minute-taking behind with notes that are easy to read back instantly and transcribe later. Not only will you grasp the principles but also get in some practice so you can use the method straight away.

  • Susie Ashfield: Susie is vibrant and talented.  As a coach and trainer her focus is communication and presentation for impact. Susie’s workshops are always lively and fun.  She is great at empowering individuals to overcome anxiety and allowing them to communicate with clarity and insightfulness under pressure – raising their profile in the process. Her dynamic sessions produce a dramatic difference in personal impact and insight not only in what you say but in the tone and body language.

The session: Now is the time to pull all you have learned today into your plan for the future to shape your success in your role and achieve what you really want. Firming up on some aspects that will make a big difference – why committing to Big Goals really matters, how to build and retain your self-belief, develop resilience and persist on the right track and always dealing positively with adversity.

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