Time for a few tongue-in-cheek “helpful” hints on studying or working from home…don’t try these at home!

  • Any space is a working space!
    One of the perks of working/studying from home is that you’re able to rock out of bed at whatever time you want! Ten minutes before you’re due to start work, roll out of your bed and pick up your laptop. Or better still, you don’t even have to move! If your laptop is next to you, you could just start working from the comfort of your bed or sofa. Quiet, comfort and warmth, the three main things that ensure you’re totally relaxed and ready to work the day away. They are the ideal spaces to have a midday nap or to have a quick Netflix binge if you start feeling a bit tired and need a break, what could be better? Forget about all of that nonsense about exercising or eating well through the day, sleep does the trick and in no way makes you unmotivated and unwilling to be productive.
  • Structuring? No way is that stable.
    Why set out a plan for the day when you can do tasks when and where you feel like it? Instead of setting out a regimented ‘to-do’ list that pressurises you to complete tasks in a certain order, just do things that you think need doing. If you end up forgetting to complete important and difficult jobs that need doing ASAP, then don’t worry! Tomorrow is another day and your bosses can wait.
  • Company is always welcome.
    If you don’t fancy having the laziest of days then there’s always opportunity for some company to come round. If you’re not home very often, make sure you let people know that you’re going to be in. Friends or family could come round and provide an occasion for conversation and entertainment, just like you’d be getting if you were working in the office! In no way would this be seen as a distraction. If anything, they’d be there to keep you on the straight and narrow; you could even double them up as your very own tea-maker. The positives are endless!
  • Unimpressed and not dressed.
    Make use of the time that you get at home! What’s the point in dressing up to the nines when you’re just going to be slouching around the house all day? Ensure that you wear something that is extremely comfortable. For example, joggers, tracksuit bottoms or leggings are the go-to for many people. Go one better and just leave your pyjamas on all day! Nothing gives you a better excuse to have a pyjama day quite like working from home. Ignore all the mumbo-jumbo about how getting dressed puts you in a good working mind-set. Trust us, you can get just as much done in your pyjamas and be comfortable whilst doing it.
  • Dump the deadlines.
    Why break the serenity and comfort that you have manifested while working at home? Implementing deadlines into your day is only going to make you stressed or anxious so we say it’s better to dump them! Besides, it’s not like time actually exists when you’re working from home, so don’t worry, you have all of the time in the world to complete those pressing tasks.
  • Cut the communication.
    Remember, while working from home, the time is for you and you only. To avoid being interrupted of this, make sure all work phones and emails are off. It’s safe to say that you don’t want any pesky colleagues trying to get hold of you whilst in your relaxed working environment. Easy access to communication does nothing for your focus!
  • No need for a change of scenery
    Why would you want to go anywhere else when you can sit a stare at the same four walls all day? Don’t disrupt your day by going to a noisy and crowded café or by being persuaded by the nice day outside. You have bought/rented your home for a reason, so make use of it! Sometimes there’s nothing better than isolating yourself from the world in order to get stuff done, make the most of it and avoid human contact at all costs.

Did you notice something funny going on throughout that article? Because you’d be correct! Working or studying from home can be an extremely hard task. The amount of distractions that surround you can be slightly overwhelming or persuasive and what we’ve highlighted above are things that should not be done. All you have to do is achieve the opposite of these points and you’ll be well on your way to achieving good standards of work at home. Do NOT follow our funny advice at all costs!