Would you class yourself as a Marketeer? No?! Well maybe you should!

With recent economic struggles and rapid advances in technology, roles across the majority of industry sectors have changed massively. With technology ensuring that life moves faster than lightning, you may have found that you are now taking on projects and tasks that were never previously required of you. Are you connected? Do you tweet? What’s your elevator pitch? – if this is all jargon to you, now is the time to get familiar with the marketing element to your role.


Now, it may not be in your job description, but getting to grips with marketing, whether it is part of your daily routine or not, is required of you and more positively – it will help you get ahead. Strange you may think, but consider the following:

  1. You market your company: How you represent your company and communicate on its behalf, is in fact marketing and PR. Whether communicating with clients, customers, suppliers, etc. You are representing your company and channelling the image and reputation all of the time. You are ultimately a company brand ambassador, and your actions and channels of communication always impact the perception and image of the company to the outside world. 
  2. You market yourself: It goes without saying we are all a personal brand and everything we do and say contributes towards the reputation of our self-brand. How you compose yourself in your personal and professional life each and every day is of paramount importance, whether that be on social media platforms, at networking events, with friends, family or colleagues, you market yourself on how you would like people to perceive you, highlighting your best assets, skills and personality traits, and presenting yourself in the best possible light.
  3. Social Media: It’s pretty safe to say that social media has become part and parcel of the majority of people’s everyday life nowadays, and it’s hard to think of life before this digital intervention. But have you considered how the digital era has massively impacted the landscape of your career, and how your role has progressed as a result? How much social media interaction, blogging, online networking and communicating has now become an integral part of your daily work routine? As simple as it may seem, marketing and communicating for business purposes on social media is a quite a specialist skill to hone, and takes much thought and expertise to strategize and implement a message which cuts through the noise in an overcrowded online environment, where all businesses are marketing their own products or services every day.

Through the complexity and development of the tasks which you now take on each day, the technicalities of your role may have forced you to expand your skills and areas of expertise and incorporate other facets of industry; stepping further and further away from how your role has long been perceived. In order to continue progressing at the rate in which your role may be evolving, it is essential to continue harnessing the skills which may now be intertwined with the role, and which ultimately remain the catalyst to the development of your profession.

This blog was adapted from an article written for Executive Secretary: http://executivesecretary.com/a-new-breed-of-marketeers/