If you’re looking at how best to approach your employer to ask them to contribute towards the cost of training, you need to make a strong, reasoned case.

Before you pull together all the information about the course(s) you’re interested in, we’d advise you to do a bit of research before you start.

Depending on your organisation it may be worth having an initial chat with your Manager or HR Manager, this could help you get an idea of the feasibility of the request being accepted. Ask if there have been similar requests and what were the details of those requests, were they approved? Do a bit of investigation yourself; have a read of company policies to see if there is a specific training policy or find out if there any specific procedures you should follow. This initial research will help you formulate the best approach to submitting your request.

In the first instance, it might be a good idea to send the request through on email, then arrange a face-to-face follow up meeting to discuss and negotiate further, this gives your Employer some time to digest the request. If your boss is accessible directly, think about your opening pitch. Work out a succinct introduction to the request and offer your hard-copy business case as a way for them to review in further detail after your discussion.

Below is a simple template which covers key areas that can help you build your case. This will help employers pinpoint the key information and hopefully ensure a smooth the approval process.

Good luck!

N.B. It is important to prepare yourself for some resistance or a potential knock back. Not every employer will have the budget to be able to support a training programme, or have the resource available to cover the time you’d be studying, especially in smaller businesses. By the way, with our program, the employee can explore and study too many courses, such as HR CoursesShorthand Courses, Secretarial & Receptionist CoursesOffice Management Courses, etc. 

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