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After a combination of Brexit and COVID-19, it’s fair to say that it’s been a tough time for everyone across the UK. But with a new year ahead there’s never been a better time to utter the phrase “New year, new me” or “This is going to be my year”. If you’ve found yourself either out of work, looking for a promotion or even just needing more of a challenge than your current role, gaining skills through an adult education program can give you the best possible chance of a fresh start in 2021.

1. Imagine new possibilities

When looking for a new challenge, the hardest part is finding where to begin. However, thinking about what you’d like to do with your life is a pretty good place to start. Whether you want a career change, or just want to develop a new set of skills, 2021 is the perfect time to start thinking about what to do to benefit yourself in the future. You can do this by assessing what you’d most enjoy doing and then thinking about the steps required to get there.

At Pitman, we offer support on choosing courses that best suit the interests of the student. After the first contact, our team helps students locate the right courses to make sure that they get the most out of the learning experience. This is done by showing the student where the course can lead them and what they need to do to get there.

2. Set yourself goals

A well thought out set of goals can challenge us and help us improve our station in life. Once you’ve found the course you want to take, it’s crucial to set yourself some goals. Goal setting helps keep yourself accountable for every action or step you take. Setting goals means you’re more likely to take action, regardless of the obstacles that may be in place. Having goals will make you aware of your actions, efforts, and even improve your time management skills.

Completing these goals will leave you feeling proud and fulfilled and will keep you motivated to achieve even more. Further benefits of goal setting are the development of critical thinking skills, learning problem-solving techniques, and understanding how to overcome issues.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone is something people operate in daily, doing things they know how to do and have typically done before. However, it’s crucial to get out of your comfort zone when looking to start afresh and learn something new.

To get out of your comfort zone, it’s important to do things that will challenge you. As soon as people dare to push the boundaries, their comfort zone grows that little bit bigger. So, always ensure you do something that challenges you. Pushing your limits to expand your comfort zone leads to feeling a sense of accomplishment and increases your confidence both professionally and personally.

4. Find a learning provider who offers you the support you need

Over the course of 2020, the majority of adult learning courses were completed online. Unfortunately, the completion rates of online courses can be low when complications and frustrations set in because you are isolated from learning guides and study partners. Managing to stay motivated throughout the learning process can be challenging. That’s why, at Pitman Training, we provide our students with an accountability partner whether you study in-centre or online to increase your chance of achieving your goals. Unlike typical online courses, our courses are flexible, your study is self-paced and you have access to learning coaches to support you every step of the way.

By offering our students an immediacy of feedback, constant motivation and clear guidance through our learning coaches, students have every chance to thrive this year.

5. Build a passion for learning

Developing a passion for learning ensures that we don’t stagnate, staying up to date with the ever-evolving workplace. Be honest with yourself, as you’ve got older, are you guilty of neglecting your learning? Building and maintaining a passion for learning helps us stay at the forefront of knowledge and practice, enabling you to leverage opportunities, drive innovation and achieve fulfilment and purpose in the future.

To build a passion for learning you need to make what you do meaningful. People learn better when they’re interested in what they are doing or learning for a purpose. Taking a course that’s is both relevant and exciting to you is the perfect place to start because it is something you know will benefit your future.

It’s clear that we all need a fresh start this year. So, if you have set yourself a learning or career goal as part of your new year’s resolutions, these tips will help guarantee that 2021 really is your year.