Businesses frequently prioritize the creation of exceptional products and services, but they frequently fail to recognise the critical significance of customer service. Amidst various elements crucial for a successful business, the question arises: why is customer service important? While it might appear that delivering excellent customer care is an additional benefit solely for the customers and not the organisation itself, the reality is quite the contrary. In fact, customer service has a direct influence on sales and ultimately determines the success of a company. 

Good customer service ratings

Over half of consumers will switch companies over a poor customer service experience. This statistic alone shows the direct impact customer service has on success.

In addition, findings show that 35 per cent of customers would pay more for excellent customer service. In contrast, only 12 per cent would deal with a poor experience if it meant they paid less for the product or service.

No matter your industry, customer service can make or break your business. Staff training programmes, such as those at Pitman Training, can help you get your staff up to speed. Read on to find out why customer service is important to company success. Plus, learn how you can help implement excellent customer service in your business.

What is Customer Service

Customer service refers to the help given to customers before and after they make a purchase. It includes advice to assist them in finding the right product or service to solve their problem. Tech support or tutorials also help customers get the most from your solutions.

Good customer service allows your customers have an enjoyable experience with your brand. It is also a key tool for customer retention.

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But it’s more than that.

When done right, customer service can help your company connect with customers. Further, a strong relationship with your customers can lead to valuable insights. It can help you understand how to refine your products to better meet their needs. This could be an upgrade to one of your solutions or a new product line, for example. So, what is customer service and why is it important? Getting to know your customers benefits everyone.

Why is Customer Service Important?

You may be wondering, why is customer service important? Think of it this way – we create companies to solve customer problems. So it is essential to offer your customers the best support to help them use your products and services.

Most of us have had many customer service experiences, both good and bad. And chances are, it impacted your feelings about the company and your willingness to purchase from them.

Customer service needs to be available for all levels of customers. From those shopping for your products to those who have already bought what you sell, it is a key part of the process. Some of the benefits of great customer service include the following:

Customer Satisfaction

When your customers are happy, they share their experiences with others. Whether by word of mouth or online, reviews will reflect the quality of your customer service. These shared stories can either work for your business or against it.

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Further, consumers shopping for your products or services can read these reviews. Positive reviews will strengthen their trust in your brand. But the negative reviews will turn them off from buying from you.


Quality products and customer satisfaction are what build a brand. So your company’s reputation depends on how well you serve customers at every step of their journey. Good customer service demonstrates your brand’s reliability. In turn, reliable service breeds trust and loyalty. As your reputation grows, so will your sales.

Employee Retention

People like to work for companies that are well-respected and treat customers well. It creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Each job has its ups and downs. But when the company shows they care for customers and others, it motivates staff. Thus, it makes the difficult days easier to navigate. Moreover, with a reputation for excellent customer service, your company attracts high-quality talent.

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 Customers decide whether to buy from you based on their customer service experience. Further, your approach to customer care influences your employees. Hence, it’s crucial that your company has a customer service training plan.

Pitman Training’s one-day customer service seminar will ensure your staff can offer excellent customer service. But, customer service courses are not the only option available. There are also expert training programmes in everything from technology to office and administration courses and skills. With staff training, you can get your team up to speed and create a stronger company.

What Will Customer Service Training Teach Your Staff?

Providing top-quality customer care requires professional training. After completing training, your employees will excel at the following:

  • Interacting with different customers
  • Creating outstanding first impressions
  • Delivering what the customer needs
  • Superior communication skills
  • Handling various customer scenarios
  • Reading the body language of customers

In short, our customer service trainees learn how to get it right the first time. They will create the best results for your customers and your company.

worker offers good customer service

Importance of Customer Service Training

A key ingredient to your customer service strategy is training. Your staff needs to know how they can best serve customers in their roles. It’s especially vital for employees who come face-to-face with customers often. Indeed, they need to have the tools to handle various situations.

Pitman Training will boost your customer care team and your business by improving:

  • Customer satisfaction – your team will understand how to cultivate loyalty and repeat business. Plus, they will know how to get customers to recommend your company to others.
  • Public image – employees will learn the value of their role in building your brand. And they will learn about encouraging positive word-of-mouth promotion. If one customer shares their good experience with three others, you have tripled your prospects.
  • Workplace efficiency – constructive customer interactions are key. They cultivate a positive work environment for your staff.
    customer service training
  • Staff competency – investing in staff training does more than help employees learn. It shows staff that their roles are essential to the company. This means they will gain the skills and confidence to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.
  • Leadership – Leaders set the tone for the whole company. Customer service training demonstrates the value your business puts on caring for customers.
  • Sales – boosting your staff’s customer service skills will leave your customers happier. This will lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Where to Find Customer Service Training in the UK

According to news reports, customer service complaints cost businesses over £9bn a month. It’s easy to see why customer service is important in improving revenue. Further, the pandemic has made the problem worse. But, there are solutions for companies that recognise the importance of customer service.

Giving employees the tools to create excellent customer service experiences requires proper training. With customer service courses, your staff learn how to serve your customers, build your brand, and increase your sales.

Click here for a link to our centres to find customer service training courses in the UK. Or, contact us for more information about setting up a training plan. Pitman offers expert staff training for IT, office & admin, personal development, and more.