Are ICDL Courses for you?

ICDL courses aim to give individuals a good basic understanding of computers and some of the most common software packages. For instance, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, this course is suitable for beginners.

✔ A great choice for those considering a career in Office Administration.

✔ Suitable for those at a beginner’s level.

What is ECDL?

ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence is the former name for ICDL. However, the most current term is ICDL or International Computer Driving Licence.

Award and Associated Qualifications

About ICDL Qualifications

The ICDL Foundation and the British Computer Society (BCS) approve all our modules.

Our ICDL training uses self-study. Thus, you have the flexibility to train at a time and pace that fits your schedule. Additionally, ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) certifications from Pitman Training have both national and international recognition.

Once your training is complete, you will be in a position to sit for the ICDL tests. These tests are the recognised ICDL qualifications. They include ICDL, ICDL Essentials (Level 1), ICDL Extra (Level 2) and ITQ.

Computer Driving Licence Course

There are 7 modules in this course:

Module 1 – takes you through IT fundamentals

Module 2 – covers security for IT users

Module 3 – teaches you techniques and skills for Word Processing using Microsoft Word

Module 4 – covers Excel and spreadsheets

Module 5 – introduces the database program, Access

Module 6 – covers Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software

Module 7 – looks at using email and the Internet

To become skilled in PC usage and the most commonly used software package, Microsoft Office. In this comprehensive course, individuals will learn through a series of modules. After completion, you can confidently present employers with the knowledge they need.

ICDL has both national and international recognition. Thus, the skills you learn during this course will stand out on your CV.

There are no specific pre-requisites required before starting this course.

Wherever possible our training is tailored to your needs. The cost of our training programmes depend on the course(s) you choose and varies according to duration and breadth. Rest assured we have a number of payment options available to ensure the cost of training is affordable and can be worked alongside your other financial commitments. Common ways people fund their training include: –


  • Flexible payment plans to help you spread the cost* available at many of our centres;
  • You could opt to pay upfront.

  • Company Funded:

    Requesting funding from your employers needn’t be a daunting task. Many employers support and encourage their employees with their professional development and consider it a worthwhile investment to fund any training required.

    What we can help with:

    • Providing a comprehensive training programme outlining learning outcomes
    • Tailored personnel letters
    • Communication with finance departments to arrange payment options (upfront or payment plan*).

    • Funding & Grants:

      There may be the opportunity to apply for funded grants that can help towards the cost of training. These include the Skills Development Scotland ITAs and the ReAct programme in Wales. All schemes will have different terms and conditions that will need to be met in order to qualify for a grant and these are managed by each individual centre.

      We’d recommend you speak to a Course Advisor in your local centre to find out whether they are registered to offer any such schemes and discuss your requirements further.

      * Terms and Conditions apply. Speak to a Course Advisor for full information on the options available to you.

The study of ICDL courses can provide you with the skills required to work in an office environment. For instance, skills will allow you to work as an Office Assistant, Secretary, PA, Admin Assistant or Virtual Assistant (VA) Some organisations, such as the NHS, often ask for applicants to hold the ICDL certificate. For example, those who are going to work with NHS as a Medical Secretary or Medical Administrator.

Gaining an ICDL certificate is a great starting point to be able to progress. After, you can work towards an expert level with ICDL Advanced. This way, you can enhance your success in any business.