Andres - Takes the first steps towards his Accountancy career

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Andres came to our centre unsure of what course he wanted to do, we put him on track for him to find a job in Accounting and within 3 days of receiving his Diploma Andres Ruiz got offered a job as Account Manager. Here is what Andres had to say:

"Thank you for all the support you have given to me since the first time I arrived at Pitman Training Islington. The information you provided me when I first came into the office was exactly the one I needed and was really helpful to me as it allowed me to choose the appropriate course considering I was looking for my first steps into the Accountancy field.

The more time I spent into Pitman Training Islington the more sure I felt that everything I was about to learn would be really useful to me. The environment was always really friendly and tutors were always there in order to help you out with every issue you may have.

The Foundation in Book-keeping course has allowed to find a related job really soon after finishing it which shows proof of how efficient and interesting the courses at Pitman Training are. I really want to thank all the team from Pitman Training Islington for helping me out achieving one of the most important goals in my life. I will always be willing to keep improving and maybe do one further AAT level in a near future."

Andres Ruiz, 31st May 2015

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