Andrius achieved his big career goals after training with Pitman Peterborough.

Andrius worked in the IT Industry in Lithuania. His dream was to work for an international IT company abroad, so he has chosen UK as his destination. However, when Andrius arrived in the UK, he realised that apart from having an international IT qualifications CompTIA, he also needed to have excellent written and spoken English Language skills in order to secure a job in IT.

Andrius studied English language course, including Business English and Communication Skills for IT Specialist at Pitman Training Centre Peterborough.

Andrius enjoyed the flexibility of Pitman Training studies and said “the flexibility of Pitman Training study program is significant to the full-time workers”. His advice to anybody wanting to progress their career is “to remember the importance of having goals in life, not giving up and working hard to achieve the goals”.

Andrius is a great example that working hard on improving your skills and not giving up on your dream pays off. Andrius secured a job in IT in an international company, where he has already become a valued member of staff.

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