Bhisan gains the skills needed to become a PC Support Specialist at Pitman Training Reading

Course Category IT Courses (incl. A+)

Bhisan decided to study with Pitman Training Reading hoping to better his skills in order to increase his chances of getting into the Army and possibly getting a job. He studied Engineering at University, but did not manage to finish his degree at the time.

Having been in UK for a very short period of time, Bhisan took our CompTIA A+ course, as he is interested in IT and wants to gain the knowledge necessary to start up his career in PC support. He found our course very simple and easy to follow and was pleased with the fact that he was able to solve all the problems on his own knowing that the support was there if he needed it.

Now that he completed his course he aims to put the knowledge into practice. We will support Bhishan with his CV, job search and interview preparation, to enable him to quickly find employer who requires the skills that he has to offer.

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