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Cassandra Coughlan’s Journey: Upskilling Success with Pitman Training!

Meet Cassandra Coughlan: A Pitman Training Success Story

When Cassandra Coughlan decided it was time to boost her career, she turned to Pitman Training. Her choice wasn’t random – Pitman’s reputation for quality courses and student support made it stand out.

“I chose Pitman Training because of its reputation as a leading provider of quality courses tailored for professional development,” Cassandra explains.

Cassandra set her sights on the Advanced Legal Secretary Diploma course. “It was the perfect fit for my career goals,” she says. “I wanted to equip myself with the essential skills and knowledge required in the legal sector.”

What struck Cassandra most was the exceptional learning experience. “The support from the team played a pivotal role in my success,” she recalls. She particularly credits Operations Manager Michelle O’Hara and Centre Manager/Career & Course Advisor Kim Healy for their expertise, dedication, and kindness. With their guidance, Cassandra overcame challenges and completed her course with flying colours.

But the benefits of Cassandra’s training weren’t limited to her professional life. “The skills I gained not only enhanced my career prospects but also boosted my personal confidence,” she shares.

Cassandra’s experience at Pitman was so positive that she’s now a vocal advocate. “I’d have no problem recommending Pitman to friends and family,” she says. “It’s a lovely environment to train in.”

Cassandra’s journey with Pitman Training showcases the power of quality education and upskilling. Her story is a testament to what can be achieved with determination and the right support. For those looking to elevate their careers, Cassandra’s experience suggests Pitman Training could be just the ticket.