Deborah gains new skills at Pitman Training Reading following redundancy

Deborah found herself in a situation where she knew some of her skills had become a bit rusty, as she had worked in the same job for a while before her position was made redundant. She also wanted to gain more confidence while she was working as the temporary Office Manager in her new job.

Deborah chose Pitman as it was a name she felt she could trust and she was very impressed with the flexibility of the courses on offer and the learning style.

What she needed was to know her way around newer versions of Excel and Outlook to use them more effectively in her work.

From the advice and guidance she received, she decided to do the Office Skills Diploma, in which she could choose four courses that best suited her needs. Taking her Word skills from intermediate to advanced and doing training for minute taking were her additional choices as she knows these will be good to have in her skill set.

Deborah was able to make use of the training centre on Saturdays and into the evening and found this the best environment for her to keep the pace of her training going around her full time job. On weeks when she could not make it, she was pleased to be able to work at home. The practice tests were good and she is delighted to have passed her diploma with Distinction. Congratulations Deborah, we know you will make an excellent Office Manager!

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