Elisha Omoyo, Social Media Strategy for Business
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Elisha Omoyo, Social Media Strategy for Business

Elisha Omoyo, who just graduated from high school, found Pitman Training Kenya while looking for a marketing course on Google. He visited us for a course consultation in order to choose the best marketing course for him. He enrolled in the Social Media Strategy for Business Course because he was enthusiastic about managing social media networks.

Elisha always made time to study for the material and meticulously followed the training program set forth by our learning coach. In just a few weeks, he has learned how to develop a marketing strategy, determine his target audience on social media, examine how social media marketing fits into ongoing marketing initiatives, and much more.

He is grateful for the support that he got from the pitman team, who never stopped motivating him and kept in touch with him on a regular basis.

Pitman Training has improved his marketing understanding and abilities. He said, ‘The course was easy for me and I managed to complete it within a short period of time. The benefits of learning the course were many.’

Pitman Training’s graduation celebration with the other alumni left Elisha amazed. He was enthusiastic about the occasion and quite proud of his accomplishments.