Ivy gains a Merit with her Event Management Diploma

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Now that Reading student Ivy has completed her Diploma, she says “I would really recommend doing a diploma like this. It has helped me be well equipped and confident. My dream has been to work in event management and run my own company. The course has shown me what I can do and that I can achieve what I hope for.

When I came into the centre I had it all explained. I heard about other students with positive outcomes and felt reassured that this was the right way.

I like an audio learning style and so having this as well as visual and task orientated courses really suited me. Having holiday from work at the start allowed me to come into the centre, which helped me to get started and remain focused. Then I worked independently at home, it was quite flexible. I tried to stick to a pattern of visiting the centre to do one exam each month. It was a challenge but when I did not pass some courses the first time, I had clear feedback to help me.”

We are delighted for you, Ivy, and wish you every success with your bright future!

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