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Jaleen Waithera, Social Media Strategy for Business

Jaleen Waithera a Social Media Marketer discovered Pitman Training when searching for marketing courses on Google. She came to us for a course consultation so she could determine which marketing course would be ideal for her. She settled in Social Media Strategy for Business Course since she was already working in the marketing department and wanted to further support her profession.

Jaleen would always devote a few hours to the course and strictly adhere to the training schedule offered by our learning coach. She stated she learned a lot from the training and is already using what she learned to her job. Within few weeks of time she can now can strategies her marketing plan, identify social media audience and review of how social media marketing fits into current marketing activities and much more.

She appreciates how our senior learning coach constantly checked in on her progress, pushed her to study every day, and was always there to help when she needed it.

Pitman Training has enhanced her marketing knowledge and abilities. She exclaimed, ‘I loved the course and the reception was super!’

Pitman Training’s celebration of Jaleen’s graduation with the other alumni left her speechless. She was overjoyed about the occasion and felt quite proud of her achievements.

She added, ‘I would absolutely come back to learn other new skills.’