Jenny tells us about her time studying for her Executive PA Diploma & Event Management Diploma

"Studying at Pitman Training Bishop's Stortford has been a highly beneficial experience for me. I have gained valuable skills for my CV and have grown in confidence, particularly with using the Microsoft Office suite. I am extremely glad I chose to study at Pitman Training as I know it will benefit my future career in many ways, regardless of what area of work I decide to go into.

The staff members have been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout my time studying at Pitman Training and also after finishing my Diploma. I would recommend the courses at Pitman Training to everyone; they are clearly instructed and easy to follow. They take you through each program step by step so you are not overwhelmed.

I feel that having these two Diplomas behind me will help make me more employable due to gaining the essential IT skills that many employers want nowadays.

Thank you Pitman Training Bishop's Stortford for all your help and support!"

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