Keeping motivated during lockdown, Kathryn makes her CV stand out for potential employers

Learn what keeps Kathryn motivated for her Medical Office Award during a turbulent time in lockdown, and how she is grasping the opportunity to make her CV stand out for potential employers…

- Why did you enjoy studying with us?

enjoy studying with Pitman Training Newcastle as I really like the flexibility of blended learning. I usually do the majority of my studying at home through distance learning, only going into the centre to take my exams so for me things haven’t been too different during the lockdown. It has actually been good to have my course during this time as I have had plenty of time to practice and it has given me something to focus on during a difficult time. All the staff at Pitman are very friendly, supportive and helpful, you just know they genuinely care about their students achieving their goals and ambitions and it’s good to know that any support I may need is just a phone call or email away.

- What has kept you motivated? 

Keeping in mind the bigger picture, that is visualising myself where I want to be in the future and knowing that every exam I pass is taking me closer to that goal. It’s not just about the extra money I may earn from a job but knowing I will have the chance to utilise all my skills to their full potential and knowing my own self-worth and that I got there through hard work and dedication.

- What did you find most helpful and why?

I found the initial and continuing course advice very helpful. Lisa, the course advisor has given me a lot of detailed information on how I can combine different aspects of my diploma so it is tailored to the type of job I want. I like that the diplomas are flexible in that you can add extra optional course modules to suit your needs.

- Has our training changed your career? Have you overcome a challenge?

Studying with Pitman Training has given me more confidence in myself both personally and professionally. I have really enjoyed learning new skills and each time I have received a distinction it has been incredibly rewarding and motivating. I had until recently been studying alongside my job as a Secretary however due to the current pandemic and uncertain times this role has unfortunately ceased. I still feel positive however when applying for other jobs now I have my Pitman qualifications added to my CV. I am also planning on taking another course with Pitman to build on my existing skills and to help me stand out more to potential employers.

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