Lois - Works Hard to Achieve her Goal!

Diploma Studied Executive Personal Assistant (PA) Diploma Course Category PA Courses

What course or diploma did this student study? Executive PA Diploma


How long did it take them to complete their studies? 1 year


What result did they gain? Distinction

Lois started with Pitman in the summer of 2015, leaving school at 16 she started working full time in a factory. 5 years later she was stuck in a rut and felt she would be stuck in the role forever. She knew this wasn’t what she wanted and wanted to work somewhere where she could grow and reach her full potential. Lois made the significant time and finance commitment and started an Executive PA Diploma and within the month was sitting her first exam. As the months went on Lois was dedicated to her course, coming in on her Saturday morning to study in the centre and sit exams. Lois did not need pushing, she knew that she had to work hard and dedicated her spare time to focusing on her courses. Lois stepped out of her comfort zone and tackled our bookkeeping course as an elective. Even though she struggled, she persevered on, did not give up and came out with a Distinction!

Lois went for her first interview with an engineering company 10 minutes from her home. They loved her so much they offered her the Admin Assistant job the same day! Within the year Lois had completely changed her life around; coming out with a Distinction in her Executive PA Diploma, gaining a new job with a 20% salary increase. Within 6 months of working there Lois has now received a promotion and is slowly working her way up in the company. The company have rung us on more than one occasion asking for more Pitman students. We’re all very proud of what Lois has achieved and we can tell she is so happy with her new career prospects!

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