Louise opts for 'life-changing' diploma rather than University

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Louise studied the Executive PA Diploma at Pitman Training Southampton. Here is what she had to say about why she chose to study at Pitman Training rather than heading through a more ‘traditional’ college or university route: - 

“I decided not to go to university as I couldn’t choose a course which suited me and couldn’t afford to spend that amount of money, or time, on a course which wasn’t right for the career path I wanted to take.  

I heard about Pitman Training through word-of mouth and after visiting with them to find out more, decided to study the Executive PA Diploma. I chose this diploma because it covered all the topics I wanted to study and gave me the freedom to choose three extra courses alongside the courses already in the diploma. 

All of the staff at Pitman Training Southampton were very helpful and supportive. They helped me with my decisions in choosing the right course for me and helped if I ever got stuck on any aspect.

Personally the whole Pitman Training experience has been thoroughly beneficial. The Diploma and its courses have helped me excel in all the topics it covered. The course provided me with some very useful resources; I can refer to all of my workbooks to refresh my memory of everything I have studied. Also the people I have been trained by and met whilst training have all been lovely people  and helped me build my confidence and made me a much better person and I have made some friends for life.

Thanks to Pitman and completing my diploma, I have entered the job at a much higher level compared to if I did from just leaving school with 3 A-Levels. The diploma was highly recognised putting me at a much better level in the company and it will help me with future careers as well.”

We asked Louise to sum up her experience of training with Pitman Training in one word, and that word was – “Life-changing”

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