Marius followed the Amazon Career Choice programme to Pitman Training in Birmingham. Here is his story.
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“My ambitions are reaching another level after taking advantage of the Amazon Career Choice programme with Pitman Training in Birmingham. My goal is to become a Web Developer in the future and through Amazon and Pitman Training I now have the courage to pursue the career that I want and dream of.

“I have already completed a Microsoft Office Skills Diploma which was made possible by Amazon’s personal development scheme for their employees. This has allowed me to become proficient with Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Word, Excel and Access, after enrolling at the Pitman Training centre in Birmingham.

“I spoke with a Course Advisor and we decided together that a diploma was right for me. The Microsoft Office Diploma is recognised everywhere.

“As English is not my first language, I was concerned that I may find these courses difficult to follow in places, but I did not need to worry as Pitman Training courses are presented in a very easy-to-understand format. The opportunity to study at a convenient time for you, or remotely,  is a great feature.  Support from a Learning Coach was provided if there is anything I needed help with.

“I studied my diploma online and that suited my personal circumstances. It was a busy time in my life but I always had the support I needed from my Learning Coach, Caitlin, who gave me her full attention and gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Caitlin was always available for any concerns I had and motivated me to keep going.

“During the pandemic, I received the same high standard of support with my remote learning from Pitman Training Birmingham and this gave me confidence to learn and complete my course successfully.

“The Microsoft Office skills I have learnt are hugely valuable to me and to be able to use OutlookWordExcel and Access so fast, at an advanced level, is a real advantage. Microsoft Office applications also have a software element to them which has provided a great basis for my second diploma of Web Developer.

“This is my first experience of higher education and it has changed my life. I am extremely proud of what I’ve achieved so far and could not have done it without the Amazon Career Choice programme and Pitman Training Birmingham.

“I believe that Pitman Training Birmingham is perfect for anyone who wants to change their personal situation and gain new knowledge and skills. I have shared my experiences of the Amazon Career Choice programme with my colleagues and many are also eligible to follow the same path to Pitman Training as me, and some colleagues are already studying!

“Amazon support me in my continued development. I have worked there for six years. My current role is a Process Guide at their Fulfilment Centre in Rugeley. I am looking forward to realising my ambition of becoming a Web Developer and highly recommend Pitman Training Birmingham, as without them this would not have been possible.”

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