Mathieu completes his Secretarial Diploma in record time!

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Reading student Mathieu had six months before his Hotel Management Degree started, and decided to put that time to good use. In those six months, he completed his Secretarial Diploma and gained many new skills to help him with his future career! 

Mathieu most enjoyed the Marketing Essentials course, with Word and PowerPoint coming a close second. He said "if I had any questions, there was always someone there to answer them". He really enjoyed learning with Pitman Training, and was very satisfied with his training experience.

Describing the learning environment as very professional, Mathieu added that the computers were up-to-date and worked really well, much better than ones he’s used previously in other places. Mathieu was new to the Pitman way of training, but found the method to be really good, as it taught him through reading, writing and listening, as well as being very easy to use.

We know that if Mathieu continues with the hard work and enthusiasm he had for his training with us, he’ll certainly be able to have the career he really wants! 

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