Millie: Executive PA and Medical Secretary Diploma

"First of all I would like to thank the staff at Pitman Training Bishop's Stortford for their help, guidance and support throughout my training at Pitman!

The course itself was challenging at times but it was so rewarding when I qualified – it requires determination, time and focus but that it is all achievable with the help around and your own dedication.

From completing the Executive PA and Medical Secretary Diploma, it has taught me how to manage time effectively and carry out all tasks to the best of my ability, with the knowledge from the Medical part of the diploma; facilitate decision making accurately, patient confidentiality, treating patients and all staff individually, however with equality and diversity.

I am now working in Central London as a Senior Medical Secretary and P.A to a Foot & Ankle Surgeon – The Executive PA course has taught and guided me with knowledge of essential skills on being that ‘right-hand’ man for my boss."

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