Petra follows her career dream and secures an office job after her Amazon Career Choice funded studies with Pitman Peterborough.

Congratulations Petra!

“When I started working at Amazon, I was very excited to learn that Amazon provides their permanent employees with an opportunity to realise their career ambitions, while working for them.  The Career Choice program allowed me to choose a field of study that I wanted to qualify in, and Amazon paid 95% of my course fees, which was £2000 per year. I just could not wait to complete my first year of being a permanent employee to qualify for the program.  It has always been my dream to establish a career in an office environment, but I knew that I needed to gain skills and qualifications to succeed.  I chose to study with Pitman Peterborough as they explained all the information about the courses very clearly, provided me with a free course demo session, so that I had a chance to see how the course is delivered, before enrolling. It is not often that you can get an opportunity to have your course fees paid by your employer, so I wanted to make sure that I chose the right course and a reputable training provider that would provide me with the qualifications required by employers in the UK. 

Early on during my studies I also gave birth to my son and found the flexibility that Pitman studies offered very helpful, when managing work and family life. I could study from home, at my own pace on my days off and still have the support from Training Coaches whenever I need it. The staff at Pitman Peterborough are always very helpful, very kind and understanding. They really care about their students and genuinely want them to progress their careers and succeed. They always go an extra mile just to make sure we are happy.

Studying and learning new skills has given me the confidence that I can establish a new career. I was a little bit worried about attending interviews, but Pitman Peterborough also provides their Amazon Students with a free Career Advice Workshop to help with preparing for applying for jobs and attending interviews. One piece of advice that I received during the workshop was to approach the employers that I would like to work for, even if they are not advertising any jobs. During the coronavirus pandemic, there is less jobs being advertised, so I thought that it was a good idea. Therefore, I approached my local GP surgery asking if they had any Administrative roles available and emailed my CV to them. They replied to me the next day and invited me to an interview for a Medical Admin/Receptionist position. I was so excited but also very scared at the same time. However, Pitman Peterborough also offers their Amazon Students Mock Interviews, so that you have a chance to practise before your real interview. The mock interview and advice I received was the key to gaining confidence for the real interview. They prepared me for all possible questions my future employer could ask me and suggested possible answers. Without the mock interview I wouldn’t be so confident and prepared, and I would probably not get that job.  I also found it helpful being able to call them and ask for advice, when taking the first steps in my new jobs. They believed in me more than I believed in myself and always pushed me to do better and move towards my goals. Without them I wouldn’t be where I am now. I felt there like part of the family and not only a Student. After so many years of dreaming of finding a better job with great progression opportunities, I can finally say I made it! All thanks to Pitman Peterborough’s Staff, Ela and Kasia and the Amazon Career Choice program.

The Career Choice program is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed by anybody wanting to establish a new career.  I fully recommend it.”