Training with Pitman in Reading opens up exciting possibilities for Andrea.

Andrea is heading towards a career as an Administrator and her goal is to work as a PA. The training here in Reading has taken her on an amazing journey. Andrea has gained the Medical Receptionist, Administrative Assistant and Executive PA diplomas!

Andrea heard about the Office Diploma from Pitman in 2015 while in Brazil, when she was thinking of moving. She had taken a Pitman course and really liked it. Andrea felt sure that the quality of the training and the name of Pitman would get her the job she wanted. The training was individual and the level was just right.

To start with, she was nervous about embarking on a long period of training but was soon convinced that this was right for her. The staff were friendly and dispelled any doubts. Andrea felt really motivated to do it and has appreciated the atmosphere at the centre and the support from the staff when needed.

During her training, she made changes to her choice of courses through her choice of electives and found options for working in medical administration, which she had not thought about at the start. The help with CV writing and interview skills and has really helped with her confidence when making applications and having interviews recently.

Having helped Andrea with her CV and interview skills, we are pleased to note that she has lots of interview lined up. With your enthusiasm and commitment to gaining new skills, we are sure you will soon get the job you really want. Congratulations on gaining not one, but three diplomas, we so happy for you.

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