Reading student Bridgette wins a Medical Admin role!

Bridgette Amasa has won a Reception/Admin role in a GP Surgery shortly after completing her studies with Pitman Training Reading. 

Bridgette wanted to work in the health sector, but had not been able to secure a role due to lack of experience. She decided to undertake training with her local Reading centre, and booked an appointment to see a Course Advisor.

After having a consultation with André, Bridgette found it easy to make a decision: she chose the Medical Office Award, where she learnt Medical Terminology, Medical Text Processing and Medical Audio Transcription. She also realised that her typing needed improvement, so she enrolled onto two of our Typaz courses, to improve her speed and accuracy.

Bridgette found the centre really helpful for her concentration as it was quiet and all the equipment she needed was here, as well as good support from the staff. The typing was her biggest challenge, but she found learning about terminology really interesting, and the learning method was easy to use, and self-explanatory. The course materials were up-to-date and straightforward, and she was able to take her time.

After completing her Award, Bridgette started applying for work and secured two interviews very quickly. Shortly after one of her interviews, she was offered a Reception Admin role in a surgery. In a short amount of time, Bridgette was able to get the job she had been looking for, by recognising that she needed training to make up for her lack of experience, and she knew she’d need to study somewhere that would really boost her prospects.

We’re really proud of Bridgette for winning her dream job!

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