Reading student Catherine gains new opportunities in Graphic Design

Catherine wanted to follow her interest in graphic design and also develop her personal and professional skills at the same time. Having found that she could do InDesign at Pitman Training Reading, she decided to go on and do the Graphic Design Diploma with ACA.

Catherine found her local Pitman Training Centre by looking online and was really impressed with the face-to-face consultation that she was able to book. The course advisor André understood her interests and goals, and explained the courses in depth.

For Catherine, the option to learn independently learning at home was just what she wanted, but calls from time to time were much appreciated. She was pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoyed learning everything, especially Illustrator, which she thought she would like the least. This training has opened up opportunities to apply for a different kind of job and she is confident that her new skills will help her to get a job she really enjoys. Congratulations Catherine, and we are glad you have been able to do what you love.


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