Sarah: Executive PA and Event Management Diploma

"Before I started Pitman Training, I didn’t have many qualifications that could help me get a good job that I enjoyed.  However, after I completed my Diplomas, I felt better in myself because I knew by passing these I could get a better job. 

Having the Diploma will make a big difference in my life as it means I can get a new and better job.  It helps out a lot.  With the money that I will be earning by having a new job, I will be saving it all to get myself a place of my own as I’m getting too old to be still living with my parents.  

The best bits about Pitman Training would have to be how attentive the staff were to me, because if I needed help they would always be there.  If someone asks me what Pitman Training Bishop's Stortford was like, I will say it’s fantastic. You will get a better life."

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