Sina surpasses with Social Media skills!

Sina, a Music Technology graduate, came to us because he noticed that a lot of the jobs he’s been applying for asked for social media skills. He chose the Social Media Award, a collection of four Social Media courses of his choice.

“I decided to undertake training because I wanted to enhance my career opportunities, and when looking for marketing roles, I saw lots of jobs to apply for that asked for social media skills.

I chose to study with Pitman because of the good recommendation, and the choice of courses that are available, you don’t see that anywhere else. My consultation was good, covered well the information. I didn’t know it was online, but that worked out even better for me.

The courseware was easy to use, very user friendly, and the support was very good, always available.

Everything else was really good, there are a good number of work stations here and even though I moved to Basingstoke, and it took me a bit longer to get to Reading, I could still come in to finish. I’m going to start applying for jobs very soon!”

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