Suzanna Hewitt - From working in a Horse yard to PA to the Creative Director of a local wholesale company

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"I had previously worked as a yard manager running a breeding yard for Spanish horses, but decided I wanted a bit more from life. I have always wanted to work in London and a high flying PA would be the perfect job for me!

I heard about Pitman Training from my mum as she studied a management course there 25years ago. I decided on the Executive PA Plus Diploma as it offered all possible angles that I may cover, being a successful PA. From manual and computerised book-keeping, to a full set of up-to-date Microsoft skills and more specialised such as short hand and audio typing. I felt it was more than worth the cost of the course, and signed on the dotted line!

I applied for a new job while I was still undertaking my course and after an interview, was offered the job of PA to the Creative Director of a local wholesale company. They were extremely impressed with my qualifications and could instantly recognise the high level of proficiency that is acquired with a Pitman Training qualification.

I have now finished off the last modules of my Executive PA Plus Diploma. While I'm not in London yet, I know that with my Pitman Training qualifications I will have no problem finding the job I want with the salary I want to match.

I am thoroughly enjoying my new job and know that I would not be where I am today without my Pitman Training qualifications and all the help of the extraordinary staff at the Pitman Training Centre, especially Dawn!

Thank you so much and keep up the good work!"

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