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Svetlana realises her career aspirations after her Amazon Career Choice funded studies at Pitman Training Peterborough

“When I came to England from Latvia, I first concentrated on learning the English language. Once I felt comfortable communicating, I wanted to start learning skills that would allow me to establish a career in an office environment, which has always been my dream. However, with English being my second language, I was afraid that maybe it would be too difficult for me to learn a new subject.

I started doubting myself but I when working for Amazon, I could see that many of my colleagues, for whom English was also a second language, were taking advantage of the Amazon Career Choice funded studies at Pitman Training Peterborough, and they were all very happy with the method of study and the progress that they were making. I knew that if I wanted to change anything in my life, I had to push myself and overcome the fear. That gave me the courage to make my first step and to contact Pitman Peterborough. The Pitman Career and Course Adviser Ela, was so helpful, positive and professional, assured me that full support was available when a Learner needs it, even when studying from home, so all my doubts and fears had vanished. I started believing that I could do it.


I believe that Pitman Training Peterborough is ideal for anyone who wants to change their life, gain new knowledge and skills, and find a job in an office environment. Courses at Pitman Training are presented in an easy format to understand, there is an opportunity to study and take exams at a convenient time to you, as well as the opportunity to study remotely 24/7 and get support from the staff 7 days per week.

Ela and Kasia are the people who will never say “no”, will always help, explain, give the necessary advice, give you maximum attention, so that you feel confident. They also make everybody feel very comfortable and motivate their Learners to achieve big goals. Ela and Kasia are not just professionals in their field, they have become to me like real friends who will always come to the rescue, support you and believe in you even more than you believe in yourself.

I did not expect that my dream office job would come so quickly after finishing my studies, especially now during the pandemic times. However, one day I received an email from Ela about a job opportunity for an Admin Assistant position. Straight away I decided to apply. Ela offered her help in preparing me for the interview and then gave me a chance to practice in a Mock interview over a video call. I felt prepared to answer all possible questions from my new employer.

I was very excited about my first interview, but I could still not imagine getting that job! Ela and Kasia believed in me more than I believed in myself and I want to say a big thank you to my best mentors.

Finding an office job has made me very happy, I wake up every day excited about going to work. I thank Amazon and Career Choice program for the opportunity to learn and to establish a new career. I highly recommend Pitman Training Peterborough to anybody who wants to fulfil their career dreams.