Tabbie excels in her quest for a new career!

Diploma Studied Executive Personal Assistant (PA) Diploma Course Category PA Courses

What course or diploma did this student study? Executive PA Diploma

How long did it take them to complete their studies? 4 months

What result did they gain? Distinction (for every single course as well as overall)

Tabbie came in for a meeting with Vernon at the start of 2016. She knew exactly what she wanted in life and came to the conclusion that Pitman would be the one to help her get a step up. The next day following her meeting she paid and started her Executive PA Diploma. Tabbie worked a part time job as well as studying her with us. She would dedicate her mornings to Pitman, go to work and then come home and study even more. Tabbie was completing courses and taking her test by the week, taking at least 3 exams in one month and gaining a distinction every time! In 4 months, not only did Tabbie complete her Executive PA Diploma with distinctions across the board but she managed to get her first job as a Secretarial Assistant with City and Country. She nailed the interview, gave her two weeks’ notice and started the ladder into her dream career. Tabbie continues to spread the Pitman name as she has recommended her colleagues at City and Country to take the Pitman Route and they are flying through their Pitman Diplomas with the help of Tabbie. City and Country have also come to us with job openings for our students and they have requested, and I quote, “Please send us more people like Tabbie”.

Tabbie has not only excelled with us here but in her current role too. She received a promotion after three months of her starting, from providing support for two PA's to now Secretarial Assistant for the Technical and Conservation team (currently comprising of 8 people). She really is our super achiever of the year!

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