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Keyboard Skills and Touch Typing Training

Why should you take a Keyboard Skills and Touch Typing Course with Pitman Training?

You can learn to touch type on one of the Pitman touch-typing training courses and gain a recognised Pitman Training certificate from one of the most respected training providers in this sector. Pitman Training has been synonymous with high quality office training since 1837 and Touch Typing continues to be one of our most popular and successful courses. 

Keyboard skills and touch-typing are the foundations of computer literacy and confidence – fast, accurate typing and number input can revolutionise your experience at work and ensure you’re a highly productive member of any team. Keyboard skills can be easily learnt with the right training and Pitman Training offers some of the best in the market.

A trusted level of expertise to get the skills employers need

Whether you’re looking for a job or career as an Office Administrator, Secretary or Office Manager, touch typing is an essential skill to master. It is expected by employers and if you have never learnt it now’s the time. It is also amazingly useful, just in everyday office work, as it enables you to produce documents and record notes quickly and easily. It’s the kind of skill that you never look back from and once you have acquired it, you wonder how you have lived without it for so long! Our module courses are a great way to build up your typing speed and enable you to practice as much as you like to improve your WPM.

Fit your training around your commitments with our flexible study options

You can take a Pitman Training Touch Typing Course in any of our Pitman Training centres nationally. Alternatively, you can opt to progress through the training using our flexible distance learning platform, enabling you to login from home, at a time and pace to suit you - especially useful if you are studying alongside working full time. The typaz courses are step-by-step, module based courses, where you build up your skills and speed by working through practical exercises and tasks, building up your proficiency continually. We find this is a course that people complete relatively quickly as once they get going they are keen to keep building up their speed!

Whether you are at a beginner level, need a little brush up on your speed or simply want to further enhance your accuracy and typing speed, we have a course to suit you. Take a look below at some of the different options available for all levels:

Typing - Typaz Online

With our typaz online course we'll increase your work-rate and help you learn to touch-type at up to 20-40+ words a minute; what a difference that will make to your productivity and daily work!

Typing - Keyboard Speed Development

Our Keyboard Speed Development course will improve typing speed and keep your accuracy up to scratch too - so you'll be more efficient and productive.

Typing - Typaz Professional Online

An online touch typing course, typaz professional lets you learn to touch type with greater speed and accuracy at locations to suit you - our dedicated training centres, at work or home with full flexibility to suit your timetable.

Typing - Numberic Data Entry

Typing numbers is a laborious process. Touch-typing those numbers will improve your productivity and make every task much less painstaking and tedious.

Audio Transcription Level 2 

Audio Transcription Level 2 is the best of all the audio typing courses. If you’ve some experience or have completed Pitman Training’s Audio Transcription Level 1 course, it will enhance your skills to the highest standards.

Medical Audio Transcription 

Medical Audio Transcription training is a very specialised field - so you're wise to choose the very best medical transcription course you can; and that's the one with the Pitman Training name on it.

Audio Transcription Level 1

You'll have the benefit of gaining first-class audio typing skills with the Pitman Training name on your CV to prove it - and you'll be ready for our Audio Transcription Level 2 course.

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