Becoming your own boss

It needs to be understood that self-confidence is essential when becoming your own boss. You may feel you’ve reached your limit in your current role, and are ready to take the next steps in your career, setting up your own business.

This could give you the new challenge you crave, increased earning potential, or just greater flexibility in your working life. Whilst the prospect of setting up and running your own business can seem extremely daunting at first, upon closer inspection it’s clear to see you may already have the business insight and acumen to underpin and run a business.

Key points to consider if you are thinking of going it alone:

Understanding Business Structure and Law: The structure and the legal requirements for business owners are crucial in the successful running of any company. As we all know, the world of business is tough and complex. A course which helps you identify what type of business you would like to run and the legalities surrounding it, could be a great way to ensure you make the right business decisions from the very start.

Understanding Business Accounts: Nothing is more important to a business than its finances, so understanding company accounts is absolutely essential. Seeking training and guidance to acquire the knowledge and understanding of how your business accounts and profit margins work will enable you to steer your business in the right and profitable direction, and be more informed to make sound and astute decisions. No awkward Dragons’ Den moments here!

Marketing: Driving a business forward is a tough and highly competitive game. Beating competitors and increasing profit must be at the forefront of your business development plan. In many cases, the importance of marketing in business is often overlooked. But, understanding the basic processes involved in how to effectively place your business and the services you offer in the marketplace is integral to its overall visibility and success. What is the point of setting up a great business offering a fantastic service, if your potential clients don’t even know you exist?

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Other points to remember:

  • Know what type of business is right for you: Find your passion or where your natural flair lies. Don’t dive head first into something you won’t enjoy.
  • Plan everything: Your business in general, social media, finances and events etc. Knowing where you’re going and how you’ll achieve your goal is extremely valuable. Create a timescale to motivate you to get things done.
  • Identify your target audience: To gain the most out of your business, you need to know who you’re targeting.
  • Research where to advertise appropriately and effectively: Whether by Google PPC advertising or on social media outlets, you need to get the word out!
  • Know your finances inside and out: A successful business knows how, when, where and why money is being spent.
  • Be responsible for yourself and your business: Try and keep home and work separate.




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