For some students, university is an important step on the road to a long-term career. But as financial concerns grow, many wonder if university is even worth it.

If you’re in this batch, you’re not alone. Even better news, career training offers one of the best alternatives to university. It can prepare you for your future career goals. Career training, such as the programmes at Pitman Training, allows students to train for a specific career.

Let’s break down this alternative in detail below.

What is Career Training?

Career training is professional development you undergo for different career goals. The first reason could be to learn new skills. Second, to improve your employability. Or third, to become better at your current job.

Career training focuses on specific careers. For example, if you want to become an accountant, you will study the specific skills used in that job. Such as the use of sage accounting software. And, you can continue to grow in your career with career training.

On the other side of the coin is traditional university. To earn your diploma, you must study many general courses. (In addition to those relating to your intended career.) This is the reason that traditional university can take about four years. While with career training, it’s possible to gain a certificate or diploma in 4-12 months.

So, in summary, career training is:

  • Designed to give you specific skills to succeed in a specific career
  • Oftentimes specialised rather than generalised
  • Prepares you for career responsibilities and advancement

If you’re wondering what to do instead of university, work training for a new career could be the answer. It offers a solution for those who feel disheartened at their prospects in this economy. And a practical, quality solution at that.

Career Training – the Solution to Today’s Economic Problems

With today’s economy, the high prices for traditional universities don’t seem to hold as much value. And financial support for students can’t keep up with the rising inflation.

In fact, The Institute for Fiscal Studies says financial support for incoming students is at an all-time low. This is at a time when inflation and the cost of living are skyrocketing.

Also, the new student finance system will be introduced in 2023. Future students will have to pay back their loans for many more years. Which could cost them £10,000s in the long run.

In light of this, current and future students face tough decisions. They want to pursue careers without going into debt or losing valuable time. The best option is to make cost-efficient choices when it comes to education.

Career training is one of the best alternatives to university. It offers a practical, flexible, and affordable solution to students’ worries. Plus, students graduate prepared with the skills for the current workforce. Students can gain the skills for a variety of in-demand jobs. Such as software and web development, marketing, graphic design, and more.

As circumstances change, education must also change to keep up. Many are starting to realise that university is not a necessary path to a successful career.

Career training offers a modern solution to the many problems in traditional education. Problems such as high cost, lack of value, and too much time spent on general studies.Instead, career training is both practical and respected. This professional pathway allows you to start or advance your career. And to learn current skills needed in a career.

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Career Training Programmes and Courses

You can pursue work training through diploma or certificate programmes. Specific institutions or organisations offer these job training programmes. They may be in-centre at a specific location, online, or a combination. Online courses are a convenient way to learn skills in almost any subject you wish to learn.

Several quality institutions offer programmes. Pitman is one example – our centres offer training programmes for a variety of needs.

You can take in-centre or online training courses on subjects like:

  • Computer programming and software languages
  • Cybersecurity
  • Marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Business principles and strategies
  • And more

You can also take shorter courses in certificate programmes. Certificate programmes boost your resume. They mark you as qualified to do a specific job or show that you know an in-demand skill.

Perhaps you already have a university degree. But you want to help your career prospects without returning to school. In this case, an online certificate course could be right up your alley.

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Why Career Training is Important

Career training is important because the modern world requires more specialists than generalists.

In previous years, there was not as much of a need for specialised labour. Now, most well-paying jobs need candidates to have specialised skill sets and qualifications. University degrees stand in for many of these qualifications. Though they are not appropriate for every profession.

With career training, you can prepare yourself for a new career. Or make yourself more attractive for a career promotion. Career training grants you new skills or expertise. Thus you will be able to work successfully at your chosen job, impress your superiors, and earn a good salary.

Career training is important for those who do not want to go to university. It offers them a path to enter advanced and secure careers. For all its benefits, university is not for everyone. With career training, everyone has a chance to climb the professional ladder.

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Training for a New Career

Most training for a new career happens before you apply for your first job in that industry. For example, say you want to become a software developer. You will need to train for the new career before you can get a software development position.

You will receive some on-the-job training. But, you need to know the basics of that industry before starting. Such as certain programming languages, how computers work, and so on. This is also true for any other specialised job or industry, including:

  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • And more

Regardless, you should consider a few things before entering a career training programme. The first to consider is what career you want to hold. The second is what you want your professional future to look like.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, university is not the end-all-be-all when it comes to education. In fact, there are many different alternatives to university. Depending on your career prospects, how you like to learn, and how much money you want to spend.

If you’re wondering what do to instead of university, career training is a valuable option. Pitman Training is the best way to set yourself up for success. Our programmes are ideal for training for many different jobs and industries. Contact us today to learn more!