How to kickstart a career in healthcare


Working in healthcare means you’ll be making a difference to the lives of others. In fact, if you’re passionate about helping people, finding a job in the healthcare sector can be one of the most rewarding career choices there is. So, if you’re wondering how you can start your career in healthcare, we’ll walk you through in this handy guide.

It can often seem like working in healthcare is an unachievable goal considering the complexities of the medical sector. What many people don’t know is that you don’t actually need any medical experience, or even a university degree, to break into the medical sector! At Pitman Training, we offer a range of healthcare courses that provide students with all the experience and skills they need to kickstart their career in healthcare.

Medical Admin Diploma with City & Guilds/AMSPAR Level 2 Qualification

The Medical Admin Diploma is perfect for anyone wanting to pursue an administrative career in the medical sector. This qualification will equip students with the key skills required to work either as a medical receptionist or medical administrator. It could lead to work in GP practices, hospitals or other healthcare-based businesses. 

On this course, students will learn medical terminology (covering a range of specialisms) and general medical practice, as well as the very best office admin skills. These admin skills include learning the latest Microsoft Office IT software and effective communication skills. Once the course is completed, students can be confident in applying for a rewarding and stimulating role as a medical administrator. The average medical administrator salary in the UK is £23,686.

Medical Receptionist Diploma with City & Guilds/AMSPAR Level 2 Qualification

Pitman Training’s Medical Receptionist Diploma offers students all the skills they need to work in an office environment as a professional receptionist. On this course, students gain top-class administration skills and study courses specifically aimed at those wanting to work in a healthcare setting. Students develop both practical and professional administrative skills such as the Microsoft Office Courses suite and business communications. The course also covers subjects specifically aimed for those working within a medical environment, including medical terminology and medical word processing. 

Once students have completed the Medical Receptionist Diploma, they gain a commendable Pitman Training qualification. Students will have demonstrated to potential employers their dedication and determination to succeed in this crucial role. A graduate of this course can be confident in applying for a rewarding and exciting career as a medical receptionist. The average medical receptionist salary in the UK is £27,149.

Medical Secretary Diploma with City & Guilds/AMSPAR Level 2 Qualification

Pitman’s Medical Secretary Diploma is credited as being one of the best programmes in its field. Additionally, the qualification has been given short course approval from the Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists (AMSPAR). So, if you’re considering a career as a medical secretary, this diploma will give you all the recognised skills employers are looking for.

The medical profession is a challenging sector where discretion, patience, sensitivity and an unwavering eye for detail are essential skills. The Medical Secretary Diploma equips students with all the vital skills to act as a link between patient and doctor. You will learn how to integrate the theory of highly technical medical terminology, as well as complete a complex array of administrative and technical tasks. The diploma will also teach you excellent IT skills, enabling you to master Microsoft programmes and get Microsoft Office Diploma.

Graduates of this course can expect to find work in a GP practice or an NHS environment. With supplementary training, graduates could easily lead to an administration management position. The national average salary for a Medical Secretary is £22,189. 

Medical Terminology

There’s no doubt that learning in-depth medical terminology will be beneficial to anyone looking to join, or already working in, the medical industry. This course is ideal for people wanting to learn the frequently used terminology, and is advantageous in environments including GP practices, hospitals, or any other medical establishment. So, if you’re wanting to become a medical secretary, medical office manager or work in a medical records department, knowing the terminology will help you to quickly get to grips with the role.

This course comprises 15 comprehensive and interactive lessons. It has been developed to help students become fluent in commonly used medical terminology across various disciplines. These include biology, cardiology, psychology, and many more. Students also have the opportunity to achieve the City & Guilds/AMSPAR Level 2 Award and/or Level 3 Certificate in Medical Terminology qualification.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to add the renowned Pitman Training accolade to your CV, which shows employers that you have been trained to the highest possible standard.

Medical Audio Transcription

Medical Audio Transcription training is a very specialised field, so it is crucial that you receive the very best training. At Pitman, our Medical Audio Transcription course covers all the transcription and simple medical terminology you might come across in an administration role. The terminology studied on this course is suitable in medical organisations such as hospitals, surgeries and clinics. Students practically learn by transcribing letters and memos from clinicians and senior hospital staff, consultants, surgeons, chief executives and GPs.

Students who complete the Medical Audio Transcription course are ideally placed to move on to our full Medical Secretary Diploma, which will give you even greater options for an enriching future career.

Here is what our students have to say…

Joanne Denison, Medical Admin Diploma - “I spent a lot of time searching for careers and courses that I thought I’d enjoy. I noticed that there always seemed to be jobs in the medical sector. Pitman’s range of courses offered me the chance to learn the skills I needed to get involved. I really enjoyed how everything was laid out and found the modules easy to follow – my favourites were the Medical Terminology and Medical Word Processing modules.

“Since achieving my diploma, I’ve been more confident than ever before and am looking forward to a new career in the medical sector. My advice to anyone looking to take a Pitman course would be to do it, it’s never too late.”

Lauren Wells, Medical Secretary Diploma - “The way the Medical Secretary Diploma was delivered was amazing. The whole team at Pitman were brilliant and were always there to help me with anything I needed. When I went into the centre to take my exams, the team were very friendly and welcoming, which put me at ease. 

“Taking this course has definitely improved my confidence and helped me get my new role as a medical secretary. I’d recommend taking a Pitman course to anyone. It’s a great opportunity, so take your time and enjoy every moment of it!”

A Pitman Training diploma is one of the most prestigious diplomas you can complete from one of the world’s most highly regarded training organisations. Businesses throughout the UK recognise the Pitman Training name as a sign that you have been trained to the very highest level. So, if you’re interested in a great career in healthcare, why not consider getting in touch with your local Pitman Training centre now?

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