Selecting a career is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. You want to find something you enjoy doing that makes the most of your talents. If you find a job you enjoy doing, it won’t feel like work. Also, you may have certain salary goals according to your life plans. Overall, you want a career with a bright future and good earning potential. Jobs that pay well in the UK are plenty, and there are many career possibilities. Here, we present you with some of the best jobs in the UK. These jobs are in top positions due to their high demand, earning potential, and job satisfaction. This list will help you find the right new career training option or even make a career change.

High Satisfaction Jobs That Pay Well UK

There are many things to look for when searching for the best career. Salary may not be your only consideration. Ideally, you can find a job you enjoy doing that also pays well. What’s more, it’s best to find a career that is in demand and will remain that way in the future. Then, you will rest assured that you have job security. Here are a few jobs that pay well, have a high level of satisfaction, and many job openings.

Full-stack Engineer

Jobs in technology are in high demand and this pattern will continue well into the future. One of the best jobs in the UK is a tech job – a full-stack engineer. A full-stack engineer is a software and web developer who knows many different computer languages and can seamlessly switch from one form of development to another. These versatile computer masters can design for the front end or back end. In other words, they can switch between creating web content for users and developing the back-end functionality of architecture and servers. It’s their adaptability that makes full-stack engineers attractive to employers.

This career is ideal for creative individuals who enjoy tech. No two days will be the same, so it’s a good fit if you like to have some change in routine. The average base salary for a full-stack engineer in the UK is £47,300 and there are 1,074 job openings in the UK. What’s more, this job has a high employee satisfaction level, putting it in a top position for a career in the UK.

HR Manager

One of the most vital positions in a company is the HR manager. HR managers are even more important in this day and age, as companies seek to prioritise the employee experience. HR managers are the people charged with caring for employees. Additionally, the role requires you to recruit and onboard new hires and develop employees’ potential to help the business succeed. You’ll also be responsible for discipline measures and laying off staff. Working in HR puts you in touch with employees and allows you to design programmes and activities that engage them.

The average base salary for HR managers is £48,400. What’s more, this job has a high satisfaction level, perhaps due to the rewarding feeling HR professionals gain when they help employees have a better job experience. You can begin by entering the HR field and gaining experience to become a manager.

HR Business Partner

Also in the HR field is another top career – an HR Business Partner. While HR managers deal with the HR department specifically, HR business partners collaborate with senior leadership.HR business partners will liaise with leadership and department managers to guide the overall aim of the organisation. Their job includes helping make decisions, making recommendations, and carrying out goals.

This HR career also has a ton of job openings in the UK. It has a similar salary as an HR manager – HR business partners can expect an average base salary of about£50,000. What’s more, this HR profession brings high job satisfaction, in part because of its key role in guiding the business’ overall strategy. Another part is because HR business partners’ opinions are valued and respected. And finally, their decisions help improve employee experience in the company.

Marketing Manager

One of the most in-demand, high-satisfaction, and good paying jobs in the UK is a marketing manager. Marketing managers are responsible for the promotion and advertising of a business. They often work closely with the sales team to help generate revenue for the company. This career is best suited for someone who is a team player and can collaborate with other departments and external partners. Managing a company’s marketing efforts allows you to connect with consumers and customers, ensuring they are happy with your company’s service and products.

Marketing managers can expect to earn a base salary of about £47,300. This job has a high satisfaction level, and there are thousands of job openings this year. If your goal is to work int his top job, you can enter into the marketing field and work your way into the position of a marketing manager. You can also start by studying digital marketing, and work your way up.

Find New Career Training options

Finding the right career training options is the first step, whether you’re just starting out or want a change. Wherever you want to go with your career, Pitman Training can help you get there. Here are some of our programmes that can help you start down the path to one of the best jobs to have in the UK.

HR Training Programmes

Working in HR can be one of the most rewarding careers if you enjoy working with and coaching others. Pitman Training offers several HR programmes that can help you learn more about topics like conflict management, best-recruiting practices, and employee rights. You have a few different options for a career in HR! If you are looking for high-reward jobs that pay well in the UK, why not study to level up your HR skills? With our courses, you’ll be on your way to a bright career in HR.

Marketing Training Programmes

If you have a flair for promotions and selling, a job in marketing could be a great fit. With Pitman Training’s marketing programmes, you’ll learn the principles and best practices in the industry. We’ll also teach you about the different marketing channels and how to create a strategy for your marketing campaigns. You’ll be well on your way to one of the most in-demand jobs in the UK as a marketing manager or Marketing Assistant! One of the best reasons to study with us is we offer courses in-person or online. So, you can further your career at your own pace.

IT Training Programmes

If you are looking for long-term job security and some of the best paid jobs in the UK, look no further than the technology field. Many careers in this booming job sector require programming knowledge. At Pitman Training, our IT programmes will help you gain the skills that employers value. Learn everything from software development to programming languages and advanced security tools. Take your tech career to the next level by expanding your understanding of critical tools and solutions to help businesses succeed.

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