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Are you fed up of sitting down for 8+ hours a day? Or are you wanting to feel more energised while at work?

More often than not, people that work in an environment that requires sitting at a desk can often forget, through no fault of their own, about keeping fit. It’s been proven that the more energised and healthy you are, the more productive you are at work.

This can be achieved by light exercise, even if it’s just at your chair! Here are our recommendations of entertaining fitness and lifestyle apps that you can use while at work to increase productivity and wellbeing.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal (iOS/Android) FREE
Set with a counter that keeps track of calories, water intake, food and drink. You can set up a healthy eating routine that is easy to stick to and will discourage snacking on junk food.

With more than 5 million products on its database, whether it be food or drink, the odds of your lunch or snacks being on there is highly likely. Reach your weight loss or calorie intake goal by using this app regularly.

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7 Minute Workout Training Challenge (iOS/Android) FREE
Previously named ‘App of the Year’, this app provides 7 minute circuits that suit any occasion. It even has a section for offices and what you can do at your chair to improve your health. With different customisation options, you can set the app to how you like it: change the voice of the motivators; change and set the goals that you’d like to achieve; earn rewards and compete with friends.

All workouts are extremely effective, are of a high quality and only take a measly 7 minutes! Great for personal and work purposes..

Download (iOS)  |  Download (Android)

Plant Nanny (iOS/Android) FREE
This is a quirky app that could have the power to brighten your day, both physically and emotionally. The app encourages you to drink water and its concept is based on keeping track of how much you drink a day.

Beginning with a bulb, you have the responsibility to grow a plant throughout the day by giving it water at regular intervals, or in other words, whenever you finish a glass of water!

This is a fun and engaging way to keep track of your water intake and highlights the importance of staying hydrated while giving you a little companion to look after every day.

This app has helped over 3 million people drink water more regularly. Why wouldn’t you want to occupy yourself with this fun little app?!.

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Elevate (iOS/Android) FREE
When it comes to health and wellbeing, it’s not only your fitness levels, food and drink intake that matters, you also need to train your brain.
Elevate allows you to develop different cognitive skills such as name recall, speaking, arithmetic, memory and focus.

Every person is given a specific training programme that is designed to suit them and their skills and give you the perfect two minute break that can refresh your mental abilities. Stay on your toes and stay energised with this app.

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Calm (iOS/Android) FREE
This is an app that will make you feel at ease and has the ability to sooth your soul. It’s your very own companion that helps you reduce anxiety, sleep better, and to meditate. This is a highly sophisticated app that allows you to improve on personal aspects of your life, whether it be your own happiness, focus, handling stress, relationships or self-esteem.

The sessions, activities and meditations are all of v aried length, ensuring that you can fit in the time to meditate no matter what your schedule looks like. Recommended by many influential people, this app is the cheaper alternative to other well-known meditation apps and contains content that is just as good. Introduce this into the workplace and you’ll soon see the effects it has on the workforce.

Similarly, you’ll see the quality of work correlate with personal performance. Perfect for any working environment!.

Download (iOS)  |  Download (Android)

Use these apps at work and watch your productivity and energy levels soar! The importance of staying fit is often forgotten in the office so we’re here to remind you that the key to high quality, effective work is down to a healthy workforce. Remember, the hardest part is the getting started, once you’ve got that mastered, it’ll be easy to enter into a routine and reach your goals. Get stuck in and you will not look back!

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