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Your CV is often the first impression that a business will have of you – so you need to get it right!

A CV can be broken down in to 3-4 sections: Personal Statement/Bio; Education/Training; Work Experience and Extracurricular activities (optional).

Personal Statement – This is your chance to clearly outline what you’re looking for from your next role and why. Keep it concise. A lengthier explanation of what’s attracted you to a specific role/company can be included in a covering letter.

Education/Training – Pretty self-explanatory! If you’re less experienced or a recent graduate, this section will be more important to employers but, even if you have experience, make sure the institution, course taken, dates and grades achieved are clearly visible.
It’s also worth mentioning if you were involved with any clubs, sports or societies during your studies.

Work Experience – Highlight achievements rather than responsibilities and think about what you learned from each role. What did you do that your next employer will find valuable and will help you stand out?

Extracurricular – This could include things like charity/volunteer work or sports. Try to avoid listing hobbies like reading and socializing – everybody does these and it won’t set you apart!

Studies have shown that on average, recruiters will scan your CV in 6 seconds. Not very long is it!

  • Double (and triple!) check that there are no spelling mistakes because some employers will instantly reject you. The grammar needs to be clear and concise and the layout easy to read – remember, 6 seconds!
  • Little things like font choice (Calibri is a favourite of ours!) and even your email address can make a big difference to your chances.
  • Avoid unprofessional sounding email addresses. If you’re unsure, set up a new one – [email protected] or similar is fine.

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