The 10 Most In-Demand Skills

What are the skills employers seek most in new recruits?

What are the skills employers seek most in new recruits?

Practical skills

1. IT know-how
Obviously, if you’re looking for a technical position, you’re going to need a more in-depth knowledge of systems administration and networks etc.
If you’re looking at other, non-technical positions, you will be expected to have a good working understanding of common office IT systems such as Microsoft Office or industry standard programs such as Sage or Adobe InDesign.
Being able to show a prospective employer that you’ve dedicated time to gain relevant skills will positively benefit your career prospects.

2. Communication

This may sound simple but communication really is key. Whether you’re working directly with customers and need to deliver excellent face-to-face service or seeking a managerial role, where you’ll need to be able to motivate and inspire as well as support those around you; communication skills, both verbal and written, must be a priority so show a prospective employer that you’re willing to continually review and develop.

3. Financial Awareness

You don’t necessarily need to be in an accounting role or a manager to need an understanding of business finances. Employers will take an extremely positive view if you’re able to demonstrate some financial awareness, whether that’s showing how you seek out best value deals for office purchases or how you have helped streamline processes that have indirectly helped reduce spend.

4. Social Media

Businesses are more accessible than ever with the rise of social media. Even if your role may not necessitate direct involvement with the management of your organisation’s social media, showing an interest and awareness of how a company presents itself on all its social platforms will show a proactive personality trait that employers will value highly.

5. Touch Typing

Often people don’t realise the benefit of learning to touch type correctly. By showing that you’ve taken the time to improve not only your speed, but accuracy as well, you can confidently say you’re proactive in your efforts to increase your productivity and efficiency. Plus, learning correct techniques have added health benefits of helping you keep your focus and reducing fatigue. Win all round!


Personal skills

1. Self-Awareness
Knowing what you want, knowing what you’re good at and not settling for anything less!

2. Social Skills
Having a high level of verbal and written communication is essential in any business environment. Not only do issues get resolved quicker and the quality of your work is better but your colleagues will value your input into work-related and casual conversation.

3. Determination, Resilience & Motivation
Don’t let silly little mistakes or issues put you off! Every mistake made is a lesson learnt so come back to that spreadsheet or paperwork later with a gritty attitude. You can do anything you put your mind to!

4. Ability to Learn & Focus
Being able to concentrate on your work tasks for a set amount of time is a required skill to have in order to prove how productive you can be and prove to your employers that a lot of work can be completed during your shift.

5. Creativity, Persuasion & Confidence
Having these skills can be extremely valuable when working amongst other people. This means that you can think of imaginative new ideas that you can then present to a group of people with gumption, in the hope that it’ll not only benefit you but the business you work for too. Be innovative in your ideas.

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