Top Tips for Being Successful in a Job Interview

A job interview really is your time to shine. Go in there with confidence, knowledge and experience on your  side and you definitely won’t be going too far wrong. Give the interviewers no choice but to employ you! Here are some valuable tips to help you achieve that:

1. Prepare answers - There are some common questions that are almost certain to come up in an interview. You can prepare for these and make sure you answer them properly. However, make sure the answers are not too rehearsed or robotic because you want to come across as personal and realistic. Revise these and get them right and you’re sure to impress the interviewers.

2. Make sure you’re early - Set off to your interview in plenty of time. If you’re relying on public transport, check the train and bus schedules. If you’re driving, check the local traffic news. Aim to be there with a good 10-15 minutes to spare. This ensures you won’t have too much time to get nervous, but it also displays your enthusiasm.

3. Know the company - Do your research beforehand. Check the organisations website and social media profiles, if they have them. Similarly, check the press to see if they’ve been in the news. Talk about the positive aspects of the business that you’ve seen and the interviewers will be impressed.

4. Prepare the night before - Make sure you lay out your outfit the night before so you avoid any rushing in the morning. Similarly, make sure you put your alarm on (and a backup if necessary) and get a good night’s sleep. Give yourself time for a good breakfast. Ensure you DO eat despite feeling nervous. Feeling refreshed has more benefits than you realise! While considering your interview outfit, be mindful of your appearance. You want to make the best first impression possible, so even if you know the current employees dress casually, take the time to dress in smart clothes.

5. Get the basics right – Clean hair, nails, fragrance etc. Although this may seem basic or even shallow, initial judgments are made upon first glance so you need to look professional and hygienic.

6. Keep an eye on body language - While in your interview, make sure you think about your body language: don’t slouch, lean forward when the interviewer is talking; smile frequently; nod your head when appropriate; don’t overly use your hands; keep eye contact and use a firm handshake.

7. Stay calm - Despite the prospect of an interview being scary and nerve wracking, try to remain outwardly composed to help display a calm, professional and confident presence.

8. Make notes – This can help demonstrate your enthusiasm and proves to your interviewers that you’re serious about the job role and it also makes you look like a hard worker. Even if it’s just a few words you write down, it’s better than nothing! Remember not to write constantly though, you need to focus on both the interviewers and the questions primarily.

9. Remember PAR - In regards to responding to questions, be sure to use some case studies and follow the acronym PAR:
Problem: What did you have to deal with?
Action: What did you do to make it better?
Result: What happened as a result?
Obviously, make sure you talk about a situation that you made positive. This shows your potential employers that you’re a problem solver and can adapt to any situation.

10. Always ask questions - Remember to always ask questions at the end of the interview to show fervour. This will leave a good impression in the interviewer’s mind.

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